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chevrolet impala 2000

Ed Cole, Chevrolet's chief engineer in the late 1950s, defined the Impala as a "prestige car within the reach of the average American citizen."

2000 Chevrolet Impala LS 4dr

The Impala name was first used for the full-sized 1956 General Motors Motorama show car that bore Corvette-esque design cues, especially the grille. Painted emerald green metallic, with a white interior, the Impala featured hardtop styling. It is not known to have survived. Clare MacKichan's design team, along with designers from Pontiac, started to establish basic packaging and dimensions for their shared 1958 General Motors A body in June; the first styling sketch that would directly influence the finished Chevrolet product caught the eye of General Motors Styling vice president Harley Earl in October. Seven months later, the basic design was worked.

2000 chevrolet impala 4

From 1958 through 1996, Impala sales were in excess of 13 million, more than any other full-size car in the history of the automobile. The 1964 model year sales of 1,074,925 units (Impala and Impala SS) in the U.S. still stands as a record. 1965 wasn't far behind with 1,046,500 units. In 2008, Impala was the sixth best-selling car in the United States and had the distinction of being the top-selling American nameplate sedan, according to Reuters Top 20 Best-selling Vehicles Scorecard.

Chevrolet Impala (2000)

The 2000 Chevrolet Impala is

Chevrolet Impala (2000) - Rear

Chevrolet Impala (2000)

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