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gmc topkick c4500 ironhide

The Kodiak/TopKick were commonly used as a basis for work trucks, cargo haulers, dump trucks, and similar vehicles which required medium duty torque, GVWR, towing capacity. There are aftermarket coachbuilders that built them as pickup trucks and commercial trucks for consumers.

A GMC TopKick C4500 transforms

The Kodiak and TopKick were introduced in 1980 as stronger versions of GM's existing medium-duty C-Series trucks. "Kodiak" followed the pattern of "frontier beast" names given to heavier trucks such as the Chevrolet Bison and Chevrolet Bruin, while "Top Kick" came from military slang and tied in with GMC's heavy truck names of General and Brigadier. First-generation models can be distinguished by a full-width grille with quad square headlights arranged horizontally in chrome bezels underneath with the GMC lettering or Chevy "bowtie" above the grille; normal 1973–89 C50-C80s had single round headlights and the emblem all incorporated into the grille area.

GMC C4500 Topkick Ironhide

With the second generation in 1990, all GM medium-duty conventionals took on the "Kodiak" and "TopKick" names, until they were dropped in 1995; these models used the GMT400 pickup cab until 2003, always with the original "square" dashboard dropped from light-duty models in 1995. While U.S. production ended in 2002, they continued to be produced for the Mexican domestic market in GM's Toluca plant through 2008.

GMC Topkick C4500 medium

GMC Top Kick C4500 Gets Role

Ironhide - black 2007 GMC

GMC Topkick C4500 Pickup Truck

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