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hyundai veloster interior

The model has been released in two generations (RC and GK) over its lifespan and in that time these generations have been subject to periodic facelifts. These facelifts have attempted to keep the car up to date with various safety improvements and a mixture of changes to exterior and interior styling. The RC Tiburon was in production for 5 years from 1996 to 2001. The GK Tiburon has been produced since 2002 (as a 2003 model) and ended production in 2008.


Tiburon first began production in late 1996. It was available in a few foreign markets with engine choices of either 1.6L or 1.8L. In the United States, the Tiburon was first offered in 1997 with base models using the Elantra's 1.8L 130 hp (97 kW) engine while the upscale FX received a 2.0L four-cylinder engine. The 2.0L was rated at 140 hp (104 kW) at the crankshaft (the car's manual specifies 102 kW (137 hp) at the flywheel). Base weight was around 2,550 lb (1,150 kg), giving the RC Tiburon a higher power-to-weight ratio than the newer GK 2.0L. The 2.0L produces a 0–60 mph time of ~8.3, with a 1/4 mile time of ~16 seconds. In 1998 the Tiburon lost its weaker 1.8L engine, giving both models the 2.0L. All versions of the Tiburon manufactured from 1996–2002 are known as "RC" Tiburons. There were various options, with or without ABS, 2 airbags, leather, and sunroof. Auto motor und sport magazine, revealed in 1996, that Porsche contributed for the suspension system of the car. They used hi-pressure nitrogen shock absorbers. Additionally, at the front they used base wishbones and at the rear axle, double transverse bars with McPherson struts. The magazine described the result as "the best combination of comfort/grip and sport feeling, at this vehicle's class".

hyundai veloster interior

Various special editions were also produced, focusing primarily on cosmetic modifications and improvements. In the UK, Hyundai's entrance into the Formula 2 World Rally Championship saw the release of the "F2" and "F2 Evolution" models in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

2007 Hyundai Veloster Concept

Hyundai Veloster interior

Hyundai spokesperson told

Hyundai Veloster will be

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